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Customer Testimonial - Dan Gilbert

12-Jun-2009 My first impression of the staff at BNG Sports was just how friendly and relaxed they were, although extremely dedicated to delivering the utmost in professionalism in both the maintenance of bikes and the service of customers.

I had just returned to Townsville and was looking for a bike store to purchase some tyres and general bike items. After being dissatisfied with another local store I found BNG Sports. I was warmly greeted by Ben and a local Townsville rider enjoying a coffee and discussing the politics of riding. I was promptly introduced to Ben and the local rider invited to join in the conversation.

Since shopping at BNG Sports I have always witnessed Ben and Glenda’s dedication to maintaining such a high standard of bicycle maintenance and also maintaining a great repour with any customer that walks thru their door.

After purchasing my bike from BNG Sports I have been looked after with fast and friendly service, on numerous occasions, the staff would literally drop everything to fix what ever needed fixing on my bike in order to get me back out on the road and back to training.

I have enjoyed the vast range of products that Ben and Glenda have on their shelves, stocking a range that extends from the lower priced items right thru to the high end items that are designed for the most dedicated racer in either mountain or road cycling. I have witnessed first hand the enthusiasm shown by Ben and Glenda to implement new and upcoming products into the market, the success of these products has been a direct result of the effort that has been made by Ben and Glenda.

I have also informed friends that were seeking specific bike components to visit BNG Sports and although that they may not stock the components required they are more than happy to attempt to track down whatever is required to satisfy yet another customer.

The price on the products offered by BNG Sports, although being a small family run store; remain competitive with the bigger stores that are located in Townsville. I am quite sure that Ben and Glenda’s attitude toward the way they operate and run their store is reflected in this. - Dan Gilbert